Rangoli or Kolam is a simple art which makes the creator and viewers happy.  Rangoli / Kolam is very popular in India, which is also a good exercise to women. 

In Tamil Nadu Kolam kolam is a traditional one, where it helps women to breathe pure air in the early morning and gives a good startup to the day. When starting a new day women will clean the entrance of the house and sprinkle water or water mixed with cow dung (in villages) in that area and then draw kolam to make the entrance attractive and to welcome goddess to their house.

It is drawn by using rice flour in olden days to provide food for small insects and birds. Now chalk, white color powder, rice flour are used for drawing kolam.

Dot kolam, chikku kolam and rangoli are some types of kolam. Some uses single line, some people uses double or triple lines to draw kolam.

Colors are the specialty of  kolam which is used only in special occasions. In South India especially Tamil Nadu colors are used during festivals and all days of Margazhi month.

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